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By: Russell G. Ryle

Publisher:  Arcadia Publishing
Release date: August 14, 2000

128 pages with over 200 images of life along the Ohio River.   River related images from the towns of Lawrenceburg, Aurora, Rising Sun, Patriot, Vevay, and Madison, Indiana; Petersburg, Warsaw, Carrolloton, and Ghent, Kentucky; and other landings in between.  Also includes a steamboat pilot's navigation chart of the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Louisville from the early 1920's.  All illustrate life and times along this stretch of the Ohio River before it was changed forever by dams and other more modern improvements.


            1    Boats of the Packet Era
            2    Cities and Towns Along the Way
            3    Cincinnati to Louisville by Packet
            4    Cargoes and Commerce
            5    Fun on the River
            6    The Big Ice That Cleared The River
            7    Floods
            8    Dams That Tamed The River
            9    After the Packets Were Gone

Individual copies are available by mail from the author at $18.99 each plus $4.50
for shipment by priority mail or $1.50 for slower book rate service.
 (Indiana residents, please add 5% sales tax.)
Send check or money order to:
P.O. Box 2466
Bloomington, IN 47402

Inquiries welcome by e-mail:

Quantities are available from the publisher to commercial accounts.  Please inquire for pricing, shipping, and availability.  Visit their web site at:


The sounds of the river in the packet boat era.


(Release date October 16, 2000)

The classic sounds of the Str. Avalon (now the Belle of Louisville) and her whistle, bells, engines, and more plus twelve classic tunes played on her "steam piano".

Based on a 1961 recording with Clark C. (Doc) Hawley at the keyboard.
We have negotiated the rights to distribute this classic LP as a CD.
It is one of the best recordings ever made of the steam calliope and the sounds of a river steamer. We hope to be able to help preserve this heritage and share it with our fellow river enthusiasts in the near future.  Professionally mastered and reproduced with the help and cooperation of the heirs of Golden Crest Records who made the original recording.


Individual copies available at $15.99 each plus $4.50
for shipment by priority mail or $1.50 for slower first class service.
 (Indiana residents, please add 5% sales tax.)

Quantities are available from to commercial accounts.
Please inquire for pricing, shipping, and availability.

We Have Acquired The Last Remaining
20 Copies
OF The Original LP

from from the heirs of Golden Crest Records - mint as pressed in 1961!
Same contents as the CD listed above.
While they last!  10 remaining - one to a customer, please.
$24.99 each plus $4.50 for priority mail shipment
Indiana residents, please add 5% sales tax.

Send check or money order to:
P.O. Box 2466
Bloomington, IN 47402



Str. Belle Of Louisville
Current information on cruises and activities of the oldest working steamboat
operating today.  Originally built as the Idlewild in 1915, she spent years tramping the river before becoming the Str. Avalon based in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1948.  CD and LP listed above recorded while she was based in Cincinnati.  Rescued from the scrap heap in 1962 and restored, she is the finest example of an old time working steamboat operating today.  Never modified to include bow thrusters or other modern gadgets, she cruises the Ohio River only powered by her stern wheel.  Reasonably priced daily trips in season from the Public Landing at Louisville, Kentucky with fall cruises up river to Madison.  An absolute must ride if you ever can.

Delta Queen Steamboat Company
Operators of the Str. Delta Queen, Mississippi Queen, and America Queen.  These are the last remaining cruising stern wheel boats with overnight accommodations.  A bit pricey, but a great way to see the inland waters including the Mississippi, the Ohio, and most other navigable rivers that empty into both.

Organizations, Groups, And Web Sites Dedicated to Steamboats:

Sons And Daughters Of Pioneer Rivermen
Founded in 1939, its membership is open to all interested in studying, experiencing and preserving our river heritage.  Publishes the quarterly magazine, "S & D Reflector".  Helps operate museum including restored Str. W. P. Snyder at Marietta, Ohio where it holds its annual meeting each September.  A great place to visit with folks from all over the world interested in steamboats.
The story of the saving of and history of the Str. Delta Queen including
personal accounts from those involved with her over the years.  Site has a
wonderful bulletin board for sharing your stories and inquiries.  A great place for anyone interested in steamboats to hang out, share information, or ask others for theirs.
See information on our past river adventures under their Delta Queen crew and friends section.
Has direct link to steamboat book site.

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